Reel Breakdown: 1. BU Masters degree project. This is the result of the final 7 week project I completed as part of my Masters degree at bournemouth university. I was responsible for all aspects including: - Modelling(Maya) - Sculpting(ZBrush) - Texturing(ZBrush) - Rigging(Maya) - Animation(Maya) - Muscle and skin simulation(Maya, NCloth) - Fur(VRay Fur and NHair) - Rendering(VRay) The rig has an IK/FK Spine, Sequential pose based control of finger motion and IK/FK blending o...

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Making of the troll (Beowulf return to the shieldlands) Last year at milk-vfx I spent most of my time on the itv series "Beowulf return to the shieldlands" and the troll was one of my main assets to build(model, sculpt & blendshapes) video that shows the vector contraction maps working (muscles, veins and wrinkles) Troll build credits: supervisor - Jean-claude Deguara & Nicolas Hernandez Concept - grant bronser & Daniel Bystedt Texturing - Henry south Look dev & lighting - Adri...

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Una tormenta acecha un páramo montañoso. Una solitaria barca se balancea lentamente en mitad de un lago. Un disparo rompe el silencio en un espeso bosque. Alguien yace muerto en la fría nieve... 'Ferro' es el primer proyecto personal de Norte Estudio. Un viaje onírico a un paisaje exótico de reminiscencias escandinavas pero a la vez anómalo y amenazante, un lugar formado por una extraña materia en constante movimiento que desafia las leyes de la gravedad. Concepto, Diseño y Realización...

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Our talented team created some amazing dragons for the Danish fantasy feature film “The Shamer’s Daughter”. We completed a total of 140 shots, 65 of them with CG dragons in them. We also designed and built the fortress town of Dunark from scratch in 3D and added details like crowds in the streets, animals and smoke from the chimneys. The result is a beautiful environment that helps tell this compelling story and places the viewer in a believable imaginary world rich in detail. It’s been…

Visual Effects by 4th Creative Party

Bald Eagle 'Haliaeetus Leucocephalus ' Rig Show Maya - YouTube

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CGI VFX Breakdown HD: "The Twilight Saga Wolves Vfx Breakdown" by Tippett Studio - YouTube

Tested a new tail animation rig, sounds weird I know, but its an tail animation rig which gets constrained to the actual tail controls. The connection from hip and tail need work and I got a feeling the up and down feels a bit like to much under water, but aside from that I'm happy with this evenings result.

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