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Not talking about the north and south poles! I’m talking about the metal poles in buses and subways. I cringe at the idea of sitting on a toilet in the winter, imagine having to hold on to a stainless steel pole for support during a subway ride! *shudder* Read more at Yanko Design

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At first glance, Impulse might appear to be just like any other umbrella, but take a look at its handle and you’ll spy something a little bit different. It’s enhanced ergonomic shape not only makes it feel natural and comfortable to carry for extended durations, but it also does double duty as a way to practice strength training!

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Neil Simpson sketch

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cameras industrial design sketching with use explanation and presentation

El año anterior por situaciones de trabajo empecé a interesarme por los juegos para parques. Este proceso en sketches me ha gustado un montón. -Paul- Sketches

Bachelor's Degree in Interior and Product Design Academic Courses Florence

ID Sketching

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