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Love that negative space lettering. Type by @kuyageorge #typegang -

Chinese / Japanese typography / May come up an idea after a nap.

월요일 / 이다하 작가

서예로 한국적인 느낌을 살리면서 튀어나온 잔디와 새싹들로 새로 태어나는 느낌을 잘 살림.

Korean language Hangeul (한글) turned into delightful figurative art of a man observing a bird. When I clicked on the original source of this pin it was just the image and I couldn't reroute to the original site. It looks like by the personal seal it was done by Yu Rae. #KoreanArt

꺼내먹어요 - 디지털 아트

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