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印度安小帳幕香氛座 / Indian Tent Aromatic Diffuser Set The little Indian tent diffuser is impressive and lovely, made of maple wood. The set includes diffuser base, glasses bottle and 6pcs of reed diffuser stick. *Aromatic oil is not included. #diffuser #wood


Finlayson Carpet - Town 芬蘭品牌 Finlayson 有著悠久的紡織品歷史。這張地毯的毛厚且密,踏上去感受到特別柔軟舒適。特別的形狀及柔和色調為室內帶來輕鬆愉悅的氛圍。適合用於房間或客廳。 採用日本製的人造羊毛,色澤亮麗、抗菌,更可放入洗衣機清洗,令地毯的保養更輕鬆容易。 Finlayson is a Finland textile brand with a long heritage. This carpet is thick and dense, that you can feel extremely soft and comfortable when you step on it. It brings calm and pleasant atmosphere to your living room or bedroom, it would be an ascent of its special shape. Made of Japan-made acrylic yarn, it is bright in color and…


木製拖鞋托架 SLIPPERS RACK Simple and elegant design, this slippers rack can hang about four pairs of slippers, keep your home tidy. 簡單大方的設計,可掛起約4對拖鞋,令家居更加整齊美觀。 #slipper #wood


貓咪剪影聲控夜燈 - B 款 / Cat Silhouette Wall Light - B 貓咪剪影聲控夜燈是採用 LED 燈,發出柔和光線,安全節能。附上大頭針或雙面膠貼,輕易掛在牆上任何角落。開啟聲控開關時,當大門開關或走過的腳步聲都會自動亮著60秒。 Cat Silhouette Wall Light is used of LED warm color light, it is safe and energy-saving. Easy mounting on the wall with a pin or double-sided tape (inside the packaging). The wall light automatically turns on for 60 seconds when there is sound like door opened or footsteps.


手製貓貓俄羅斯娃娃(一套5件) /Russian Kitten Matryoshka (A set of 5) 俄羅斯娃娃是俄國人傳统的祝福禮物,此貓咪造型款式獨特,是值得珍藏之選。 Matryoshka is a Russian traditional gift with blessings. The kitten shaped matryoshka is as special as collectible.

和紙時計 / Washi Clock 由手工製的和紙做成鐘盤,配上書法文字,展現與別不同的氣質。 The dial is made of handmade Japanese washi paper, with the Chinese calligraphy as embellishment to bring out extraordinary style. #feltwithlove #clock #beautifulwashi #chinesecalligraphy #madeinjapan

C.L Yacht Table Lamp座枱燈 – Oak+Incense Cedar 台灣肖楠 Designed and handcrafted by Hong Kong Designer Calvin Lai. The upper piece of wood is Taiwan Incense Cedar, a first class tree of Taiwan. It is a rare species. This wooden lamp is made of the collected driftwood from this rare conversation species. #lamp #handmade #wood

日本絹手毬 - 紫滕色 / Japanese Swaying Ball - Purple Feel the peaceful mind when you looking at this swaying ball. Hand-crafted with silk and washi paper. 望著隨風搖曳的 “絹手毬”,便感到閒適的氣氛。 由絹布與和紙以人手製作。 #madeinjapan

手製彩色蠟燭台Handmade Multi-colored Candle Holder-A set of 3 The handmade candle holders reserve the raw and original style, bring your living room more vibrant color. A set of 3 pieces.手製的蠟燭台刻意保留木塊的原始味道,為家居帶來朝氣色彩。 一套3件。 #madeinthailand