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Big date Now, we are living a date world. It means that people are associated with a diary lif e. People have a machine that needs a date.(Internet, smart phone, computer) In the between life, a date is an important factor. A date needs a stocked heavily and process speedy. So a Big date is a necessary factor of our society.

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Cloud It isn't a cloud in the sky. It is a cloud in the internet. A save space possesses a many things. In the sky, a cloud includes a moisture. It changes a rain or snow that dependes on the temperature. In the internet, a cloud has a date which saves or deletes a date anywhere internet space. It expands or shrinks and has a date. It calls a web cloud.

LTE[ Long Term Evolution ] It is a type of word of communication technology. We are using a date. So a process must be a rapid. If a process needs a long time, it is a very waste of time. Specially, a communication technology is vital to the present state system. LTE doesn't use a majority yet. But it is necessary to a standard communication technology. It will be more than a imagination future.