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Interactive Puppet Prototype with Xbox Kinect by Theo Watson. Update: check the 2.0 version!

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Starfield by lab212. Starfield is an installation where a swing is used to create a large interactive starry sky.

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KinectShop by Razorfish - Emerging Experiences. In 2010, Microsoft released Kinect, a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience for the Xbox 360. Your body is the controller - joysticks and buttons are replaced with the users' movements and gestures. It turns out Kinect has many uses beyond games and entertainment. Razorfish's Emerging Experiences team created KinectShop to demonstrate the use of the Kinect platform in as a retail or at-home augmented reality shopping…

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Kiwibank Welcome Experiencel

Kiwibank Interactive Wall | 2011 by Lumen Digital. The Kiwibank wall is a great example of Lumen’s ability to deliver a compelling user experience using OpenNI technology. The Kiwibank wall utilises hand and arm gestures and full body tracking, allowing multiple users to engage in a range of interactive activities – but this is only a taste of the technologies potential.

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Kinect Fitting Room

Kinect Fitting Room by den ivanov. Fitting Room prototype.

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Razorfish Connected Retail Experience Platform (codename "5D") by Razorfish - Emerging Experiences

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DaVinci prototype on Xbox Kinect by Razorfish - Emerging Experiences. We've taken this exciting opportunity to port our popular DaVinci experience to the Kinect platform. Gestures are used to create objects and control the physics of the environment. Your hands appear in the interface which allows you to literally grab objects out of thin air and move them in the environment. Additional gestures allow you to affect the gravity, magnetism and attraction.

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Introducing Bodymetrics for Your Living Room by Razorfish - Emerging Experiences