10 Ejemplos de panel resumen de exteriores

Como ya hemos explicado en otras entradas sobre el tema de los paneles resumen; realizar un buen diseño va ha ser esencial para que el trabajo represente todo lo que queríamos transmitir con nuestro proyecto.

Water is confusing. Can’t make up its mind, whether it wants to be ice or snow. Either way, you got to break your back shoveling your sidewalk. Luckily, the Ice Breaking Shovel is a nifty multi-tool, because frozen water can be such a double-sided affair. Use it either as an ice cracking tool, or an ice shoveling tool.

Power dumbbell incorporated with gyroscope and using centrifugal force to replace the conventional method of purchasing multiple array of weights to change the weight.

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VEHICULO ELECTRICO UNIPERSONAL Personal mobility device by Sara Aletta de Sylvas at Coroflot.com

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Product page More

Save time and make your projects look like eye candy.


"Shaking Wash" by Jung Seub Lee - personal laundry washer for travelers; works on both batteries and electric power

These Japanese Barcodes Are So Kawaii!

These Japanese Barcodes Are So Kawaii!

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