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a circular light fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room with beige walls and flooring
Spin Led - 2D LED Pendant Light by Ding 3000
the underside of a wooden structure with multiple beams and wood slats hanging from it's ceiling
Famous Building Architecture and Engineering | Learn about building and construction at levels that the most famous Architecture and Engineers can work at.
ceiling detail
an abstract sculpture is shown in the middle of a room
IMM Cologne: [D3] Design Talents
This folding screen entitled “And A And Be And Not” by Berlin-based designer Camilla Richter is made from different color transparent sections, which change color according to the light and where you’re standing when you look at it. Part of [D3] Design Talents at imm cologne.
two black chairs sitting next to each other in front of a wall with lights on it
Lobby interior
Lobby interior by Serg Sova, via Behance
the sun is shining down on some stairs
Ozuluama Residence / Architects Collective & at103
Staircase near monolithic wall, Ozuluama Residence by Architects Collective & at103 #architecture
a man walking down a long hallway with white walls and ceiling lights on either side
Center for Individuals with Disabilities / g.bang architecture
g.bang architecture
a light that is inside of a glass vase on a black background with bubbles in it
Custom-made jellyfish chandelier: ~6 feet long, sound-sensitive, and gloriously glowing with fiber optics
candles are hanging on the wall with black handles and white tiles in the back ground
Ta svetilka s svojo atraktivno zasnovo v vaš dom vnese tudi nekaj elegance s svojimi izbranimi in kvalitetnimi materiali. #ducat
three golden cages with light bulbs hanging from them
Pablo & Rusty's by Giant Design
Lighting spotted at Pablo & Rusty’s by Giant Design
a lamp that is on top of a wooden stand with two light bulbs attached to it
EZ Holiday Lights
Commercial and Residential clients in the Austin area have come to depend on EZ Holiday Lights for professional, dependable lighting for their properties for the Holiday Season.For more visit.
a lantern hanging from a ceiling filled with lights
Good Life of Design: Great Ideas For The Weekend!
Fill any inexpensive lantern with a string of white lights and hang around your yard or in a tree. We have a TON of old lanterns in our garage that would be perfect to light it up outside at night whe - Click image to find more home decor Pinterest pins
a light that is hanging from a wire with a bulb in it's center
Back to Brass: Low-Cost Lighting with High-Style Appeal - Remodelista
Back to Brass: Low-Cost Lighting with High-Style Appeal
a light that is hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and flooring
Etch Web Lamp by Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon pendant lamp that projects beautiful shadows as it illuminates a space. See more of his work at
an abstract photograph of a large white object in the air with light coming from it
Paper Starburst Pendant Lamp
Paper Starburst Pendant Lamp: I think this is the original post from alisonpatrick with an explanation of how she did it.