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two people standing next to each other with flowers in front of them and one person holding the woman's head
"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night" Photographic Print for Sale by Elithien
two anime characters laying in bed with one holding the other's head and looking at his phone
shiplediğim için linç yiyebileceğim shipler - -Given- Mafuyu X Yuki
an anime scene with black and white art
N🥛🍊 on Twitter
an anime scene with two men in black and white
ごーすけ(あと4件) on Twitter
two anime characters one with blue eyes and the other with white hair holding a teddy bear
のり on Twitter
an image of a comic page with two people in it
こっせつ on Twitter
an anime character laying in bed with his head on the pillow and looking at something
#アルドノア・ゼロ TULIP詰め part2 - kanmuriのイラスト - pixiv
an anime character with black hair and white flowers in his hand, leaning against a wall