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great use of pen to give general structure and even better use of marker to help give viewers in idea of different surfaces and areas.

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Marker rendering is used in this illustration to communicate the objects perception through denser shading at the edges of the bottle compared to the white centre, creating a curving impression.

Coloured marker used to portray texture of the object, layering the colour in some points of the drawing to create dimension and shading.

Reid Schlegel - I tried out some new Winsor & Newton markers for this Dieter Rams classic. Check them out @winsorandnewton Munich bound for the next few weeks, expect more German inspired sketches. #dieterrams #germany #classic #coffeemaker #ID #industrialdesign #productdesign #design #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #sketchaday #sketching #art #instaart @winsorandnewton @pigmentmarker