The Sadness And Beauty Of Lines And Dots (where dots are small stones) Drawings and animation by Emanuele Kabu Music by Emanuele Kabu and Marcello Batelli Thanks for the help and support: Marcello, Merlo, Laura, Mauro, Michele, Faye. Emanuele Kabu London / Belluno 2014

Animation, Schnitt und Sounddesign: Laurin Döpfner Musik: Kensee Pixel & Dots visualisiert mit einer organischen Wellenform die Flüchtigkeit des Bildpunktes. Unterstützt durch knackige Beats rauschen flotte- und langsame Wellen von rauchartigen schwarzen Pixelschwärmen über den weisen Hintergrund

Please only view in HD, otherwise the lines turn into soup. Drawn on 20 pieces of paper. Animation by Lilli Carré, sound by Alexander Stewart, 2014.

Scratch is an experimental animation that attempts to visualize the sounds and patterns produced by the turntable. Hand scratched line animation on 16mm leader, transferred to HD.

-הסבר בעברית בהמשך- In this series of two artworks, I expressed the artistic language that I have develop. The beginning of this new language was in my first design basics class back in 2008 (during my 10th grade) in which I was required to create an illusion of depth by using lines only. I created biomorphic shapes that are similar the current shapes but more chunky. Over the years I refined that language to what it looks like today. The conceptual inspiration for this series of two ...

Line animation. Media Illustration for media book Polilogy (android). You can download the book (russian language) from GooglePlay -

Every piece of visual art starts with a dot, line, form or shape. With a sound added, static visual become alive. This piece of motion graphics depicts the basics of animation. Shapes, lines and the way how these work with a sound shows, that the simplicity is the key to success. Forms & Shapes was screened at the PyR 2011 International Competition at the Reina Sofía Museum, Madrid, Spain.

Experimental animation short film, in which lines and spirals symbolizes the searchs and struggles in life. Created with the technique of "Motion Painting", in which successive changes are made in a single image, creating an animated painting. _ Curta-metragem de animação experimental em que linhas e espirais simbolizam as buscas e lutas da vida. Realizado com a técnica da "Pintura no tempo", onde são feitas alterações ...

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