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Hanjie Wanda Square / UNStudio

The Vertical Forest / Waterfrom Design

Material Inspiration: 10 Projects Inspired by Metal

10 Hanover Street / Squire and Partners

Slow and fast: The dynamic lighting concept for shop windows and facades of a retail outlet perfectly illustrates the use of light scenes with slow and quicker transitions. Two parameters are varied with the glass facade: coloured grazing light and narrow, white beams. Three lighting components are used in the shop window: coloured washlighting on the rear wall, accent lighting with changing focus on the decorative ornaments, and the projection of patterns on the rear wall.

PMMA / acrylic material can be easily molded to achieve fuzzy shapes at a cost which is only a fraction of glass. In solid state, acrylic sheets can be cut and mechanized using laser cut CNC machines to provide extrusion-like profiles. facade of the Reiss HQ building in London by Squire and Partners architects, with a machined PMMA external skin, and lit with an LED system at the bottom of each floor level.

Salt Point House / Thomas Phifer and Partners

Frivole Prestige / Theza Architects | ArchDaily

Pajol Sports Centre / Brisac Gonzalez