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two wooden boxes sitting next to each other
Via XX Settembre
Il contenuto magari non sarà un granchè (mi sembra di capire che è prodotto in Australia), ma il contenitore...
a display case filled with lots of plates and bowls
Jamie Oliver Recipease Design - The Inspiration Room
Recipease | London is well branded and designed, with unique packaging specific to each product offering. #London #Retail #JamieOliver
various items are displayed on a table with paper bags and tags in front of them
Mein Honig
Botanica packaging
two bags with noodles in them and the words taste of pasta printed on one bag
5261802a89da7 a grouped image for pinterest
food packaging, design, typography
three honey jars with labels on them sitting next to each other
Wine Bottles from Greece
34 Coolest Food Packaging Designs Of 2012 #packaging
six plastic containers with food in them on a white background
New grids
two white boxes sitting on top of a wooden table
Analogue Life
an assortment of food items including carrots, broccoli, and other vegetables
Globus Organics - DIELINE
Globus Organics packaging
four jars filled with different types of sea salts and salt in each jar are labeled with numbers
Kikisoso Letterpress
Jamie Oliver #food #packaging
six jars of jams with labels and tags on the front one is labeled lemon curd, the other has an apple cider
Food design, packaging