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an overhead view of a car with the top down, and three different gauges below it
a hand holding a smart phone displaying battery status
Battery Analyzer Page
Countdown Timer
the dashboard and info for a car that is charging
Tesla X Control Car App
two screens showing the time and battery settings
#Otate# State&Battery
Electric quantity
a hand pressing on the touch screen of a cell phone with icons and symbols above it
two smartphones displaying the speed and distance of vehicles on their screens, one with an alarm clock
Electric Car Application
the ux and ui diagram
인포그래픽으로 보는 UX 와 UI 의 차이점
인포그래픽으로 보는 UX 와 UI 의 차이점 : 디자인로그(DESIGN LOG)
two smartphones displaying the location of office
the complete ui kit is designed to look like an app
Animated Onboarding Screens
Animated Onboarding Screens