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two people in uniforms standing next to a car
Kiev, ucrania. 8 de noviembre de 2008 persona en uniforme militar de la segunda guerra mundial soviético. miembros del club estrella roja de historia militar. histórico militar representando a kiev, ucrania. 7 a 9 noviembre de 2008
WWII Soviet winter uniforms worn by historical reenactors, Ukraine. Precursor to "Michelin Man" fashion look?
an army uniform is displayed on a stand
Military uniform | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Military Uniform - American 1951 - 1958
Military Uniform  Date: 1918 Culture: American Vintage Military Uniforms, Us Navy Uniforms, Fashion 1910, Navy Uniforms, 1910s Fashion, Women's Uniforms, 20th Century Fashion, Period Outfit, Vintage Military
Military uniform | American | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Military Uniform Date: 1918 Culture: American
an old book with many different medals on it
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soviet order of victory | soviet orders 1 order of lenin 2 order of the
an old metal badge with a star on it
WWII Russian Submarine Officer Badge
an uniform and boots are on display
A Complete & Decorated Army Officer's Uniform
a silver medal with a bird on it's side and a crown around the neck
WWI Bavarian Air Gunner Badge
an image of a medal with a crown on it's head and two swords in the foreground
German Aviation Badge WW1.
a medal with a blue and gold star on it
German Wurttemberg Friedrich Cross Medal
German Wurttemberg Friedrich Cross Medal.
an old black and white photo of a man in uniform
Vice Admiral Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière (1886 – 1941), of French Huguenot descent, was a German U-boat commander during WW I. With 194 ships and 453,716 gross register tons (GRT) sunk, he is the most successful submarine ace ever. Нis victories came in the Mediterranean, almost always using his 8.8-cm deck gun. During his career he fired 74 torpedoes, hitting 39 times. In 1940 he was recalled to active duty and was killed in a plane accident near Paris in 1941.