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Hanok Homes Ideas

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Once Again, Eventhough this is very old, I could see placing containers in a similar arrangement, adding a huge wooden door to a secret court yard, maybe pond/water feature?

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Happiness is to enjoy the full beauty of the house where five kinds ohgaheon _ 五 街 轩

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A chabudai (Japanese low dining table with short legs) in a traditional setting. People seated at a chabudai may sit on zabuton or tatami rather than chairs. Image via Pinterest

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Yes. I want to incorporate Korean traditional housing style with modern style.

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낙고재02 I would love a modernised traditional korean home like this with an outdoor built in oven in the ground...

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Korea's traditional

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Korean-style house, Seoul in korea

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새로운 트렌드! 신한옥 친환경 인테리어 - Daum 부동산 커뮤니티

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Door design hanok_by mona kim

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Tour in buchon Korean traditional house(Hanok)

traditional korean homes | Hanok is the ancetral house filled with their tradition and wisdom!

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