merry holidays and all

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the christmas movie bucket list is shown in pink and white with gold trimmings
the cookies are shaped like snowflakes
Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER
The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe - I used this recipe for the Holiday Blossom Cookies.
a christmas tree is lit up in the snow near a river with rocks and trees
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Christmas ... A Light in the Darkness. see more at Best Christmas Lights #Tumblr
a person with their feet up in front of a christmas tree
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Canon 50mm 1.4 lens ISO 3200 f/1.4 1/125 sec
christmas lights on trees and snow in front of a building
Christmas light downtown
The Millionairess Of Pennsylvania: Christmas Lites via Flickr
two people are walking down the street carrying a christmas tree on their back and one person is holding onto another man's coat
{of mistletoe & toile, a little romance and wishing you a very merry!} by {this is glamorous}, via Flickr
someone is taking a selfie in front of a christmas tree with their feet on the ground
We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
We must be the change we wish to see in the world. My holidays are filled with love.
a bedroom with a christmas tree and candles on the window sill in front of it
The Christmas Nook
Imagine sitting by this windowsill. A vanilla candle burning and seasonal greens adorned in twinkling lights nearby. Outside, a cold and beautiful winter landscape. But you are here, inside, warm and safe.
a black and white photo with the words meet me by the mistture on it
These things are total death traps when you visit some persons house and they are strung up in all the doorways. How the heck do you get through the house? Like dude you go through that door and I will umm oh tie my shoe and then be right behind you ;)
a park bench covered in snow with lights on it
Girly Me - conflictingheart: star light
Story Den bench- Hear all about Gertrude's adventures?? Best Christmas Lights #Tumblr
two people sitting in front of a fire with their feet up on the floor eating food
The Ultimate Cozy Night In
Image Via: Camille Styles
a blackboard with the words 50 christmas date ideas written on it
50 Christmas Date Ideas for Couples
Steeleing Moments: 50 Christmas Date Ideas for Couples