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two hands holding each other with the words dear god, place a shield of protection around my family and friends
a cat with a heart on it's chest and the words dear god touch the people around me keep them happy and safe
Good Morning Prayers Blessings
the sun setting over water with a quote on it that says if someone is on your mind pray for them, god may have put them on your mind for a reason
a red heart hanging from a string with the words faith is not hoping god can, it is known he will
a white flower with the words for he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go
For He will order His angels to protect you, Psalm 91:11
Some days no introductions are needed to pray. Sometimes these are the best prayers we have. Today was a day that I just felt compelled to pray. Lord, there are times that I reach out to you for many things. There are days I need your love and your guidance. Father today I just need to pray. Today I ask for you healing over my loved ones. I ask for your strength to continue to guide us forward. Father today I thank you. This day has been long but with you it's been beautiful. Amen.