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am, is, are, was, were, been, have, has, had, or being
an iphone screen with the text'when a character is exhausted they call people by the wrong names
Mail - Melissa Hope - Outlook
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Mama Mia Here We Go Again - part two
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Traits I want to see more often in female characters These traits (both good and bad) are common enough in male characters but just don't show up enough with the ladies! Big eater (why do all the women in fiction either have really tiny appetites or the type of personality where strong emotions take away their hunger?) Bad at singing Gruff personality Gentle giant Condescending Crude humor Coward (women either don't show up to battle or do their best to fight. There is no in-between.) Coc y/overconfident Monstrous ChilI/relaxed The funny one - iFunny
character building With the big eater part, can they...can they not also be these super lean individuals unless they are CrossFit/body builders and their commitment to fitness is a factor of their character that goes beyond aesthetic?
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How To End A Story
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Write It Out
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9 common government types to use when you are world-building.
World-Building: government types
9 common government types to use when you are world-building.
an iphone with the text 12 questions to ask yourself about your magic system
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