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a small figurine is holding an object in it's hands and wearing a party hat
Milolo by Buzzzcosmos
an image of a nude woman in front of a mirror with cherubs on it
Octoplum Beautiful Dolls art sculptures –
there is a small doll sitting on top of an object in the water with bubbles around it
an image of a doll that looks like she is holding a toy in her hand
Sup (3d)
2D? 3D? Find out how Sean Sevestre and Diego Conte made this fun artwork at the pinned link.
a woman with black hair and tattoos holding her hands up in the air while wearing leather gloves
STOP OBJECTIFYING ME!, Carl-Christian Gehl
ArtStation - STOP OBJECTIFYING ME!, Carl-Christian Gehl
a statue of a woman in white and pink is posed with her arms spread out
Digital Illustrations by Kontorn Boonyanate | Inspiration Grid
a woman with long purple hair and black boots standing in front of a black background
Jessie Pokémon - Statue/Figure, João Comassetto
Design, Digital Sculpting, Ryu Street Fighter, Game Character, Street Fighter, Ryu, Reference
RYU - Comicon Challenge 2014
three different views of the same woman's body and torso, with green circles on her chest
さくらもち on Twitter
an anime character with pink hair eating food and holding a hot dog in her hand
3D_Girl face_handpainted, Joker Y
ArtStation - 3D_Girl face_handpainted, Joker Y