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the word it is written in white letters on a blue and gray background that says it immediately
JMC414 Fall2013 • 2 weeks ago I really like the use of typography in this image. It also takes advantage of negative space.
an island in the middle of water with a castle on top and trees growing out of it
Amazing Cornacchia's Fairytale Artworks
Amazing Cornacchia's Fairytale Artworks
a castle in the middle of a waterfall surrounded by trees and mountains with water pouring from it
Rainbow Fortress. - I don't know if this is real but it is an awesome image regardless. I chose this image because it is absolutely breath taking and creative.
two hands cupping water in front of a blue and green background with light coming from the center
What Wizard/Witch Are You?
This is beautiful wish I could draw like this!!! So jealous!
an advertisement for a sandwich with a fork and knife next to it on a yellow background
[CNN the Biz] 중간고사 토스트 지원 이벤트 (이동일)
커피베이 바삭쫀득 인절미 토스트 ♥ Coffee Bay, Korean Dessert, Cafe Menu, Yum Yums, Japan Food, Food Poster, Korean Food, Sweet And Salty, Asian Food
커피베이 바삭쫀득 인절미 토스트 ♥
a painting of a person walking down a road with a paintbrush in the air
Supercharge your career in 3 easy ways - Creator by WeWork
I might do a painting like this, but rather than painting a streak with a person. I'd paint a streak of emotions, or possibly things that have triggered sever emotions in my past.
a drawing of a cube on top of a piece of paper
Vandelay Design: Web Design Blog
40 Stunning Doodles for Inspiration | Vandelay Design Blog
a black and white sticker with stars in the sky above it is an image of mountains
Geometric Mountain I made a piece very similar to this a couple years ago, but mine has the moon in the sky and my starts are simply dots
an elephant tattoo on the back of a man's shoulder
Geometric Nature Tattoos
Geometric Nature Tattoos - Bicem Sinik Creates Body Ink Based Around Stunning Lines and Dots (GALLERY)
a black and white photo of an object in the air with lines coming out of it
Half 2
All sizes | Half 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a series of banners with different font and colors
Slim Books #Editorial Design, #Graphic Design, #Icon Design
an abstract photo of water and clouds
This Artist Creates Geometric Line And Dot Tattoos To Prove Less Is More (Bicem Sinik) - I love the hour glass