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the interior of a restaurant with tables and stools in front of white brick walls
Fritas and craft brews in the Gables
bread & butter | coral gables, florida
an indoor cafe with tables and chairs covered in potted plants hanging from the wall
SLA Amsterdam Zuidas: new location!
Plants on shelves #cafe #white #timber
the shelves in this bathroom are filled with different items and products to use for hair care
Utvalda/ Selected Interiors 2015 #40
Samaritgränd Stockholm bathroom aesop sponge brush Fantastic Frank
a bathroom with white walls and wooden floors
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black and white bathroom
a white sink sitting under a round mirror in a bathroom
Eclectic Scandinavian style at it's best
Oracle, Fox, Sunday, Sanctuary, Tina, Hellberg, Minimal, Scandinavian, Interiors, Bakers, Tiles, Bathroom
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used as a shower stall or sink area
Las Cositas de Beach & eau
Beautiful Scandinavian bathroom with hexagonal tiles.. those tiles are devine!!