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Another for the Studies column in The Atlantic, this time about an uptick in retractions by academic journals. The piece identifies a number of reasons for this surge, but fabrication of data struck me as the juiciest to illustrate.I was pleased with a few of the roughs for this so have included them here. They definitely picked the strongest idea to take forward though.

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Hightail Light Bulb Friend

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Life won’t find a way.This month’s Wired Italia piece. Evidently reviving dinosaurs à la Jurassic World will remain the stuff of fiction, as DNA is incapable of surviving the millions of years since their demise. Though there is hope for more recently extinct creatures.Also this is second time I’ve drawn Chris Pratt.

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Inside the GPS Revolution: 10 Applications That Make the Most of Location

1 Drive Fast, Avoid the Cops

Set of Flat Line Banners for Website Design on Behance

Set of Flat Line Banners for Website Design on Behance

A series of new work from Harvard Magazine to Musee pompidou to Jazz festival and a lot of new line work.Enjoy and spread love.

Illustrations by Timo Kuilder for ASN Bank.

Four icons on the loose theme of identity, for the print edition of the brilliant Nautilus Magazine.In related news, this previous piece for Nautilus has been accepted in to the Society of Illustrators 58 annual and show. Thanks Alissa and Len!