Veig ID project Year produced 2015 Type fullHD

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I'm super proud of how this little stop motion/cell animated spot turned out. Rarely does a project go this smoothly, in part thanks to a great staff of artists helping in all forms on this. Our initial pitch was broad in style, but a bunch of the compositions were reworked to fit this mix of photo and line illustration.

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2015 SVA ADC Show Opening

Dribbble - Untitled by Jordan Coelho (Barth)

Cut&Paste: Is Alive! Super excited to share the latest development in the Let's get creative 2016 project. First of all want to say thanks to all the motion/Animators that contacted me about w...

I wanted to make an abstract bow and arrow, and I had just purchased Ourosboros from Sander van Dijk and was itching to play around with it. So this is obviously inspired by him.

Client: KBS Drama Director: Now+Later Art Direction / Design: Umin Jang Animation: Now+Later This is unofficial music.

Stop-motion food for Blackmores Superfoods Director: Lucinda Schreiber Production Company: Photoplay Films Agency: The Monkeys Executive Producer: Oliver Lawrance Producer: Emma Thompson Post Production: Resolution Design

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