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black and white photograph of a man with long hair wearing a jacket in a dressing room
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a man with long hair wearing a black sweater and a beanie smiles at the camera
a man sitting on top of a bed with a guitar in his hand and clothes all around him
Kurt Cobain Photo: Kurt Cobain♥
a man wearing sunglasses and holding a red guitar
Image about grunge in 𝖒𝖚𝖘𝖎𝖈 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖒𝖔𝖛𝖎𝖊𝖘 ✦ by ⠁ʝ⠐
a black and white photo of a man with curly hair sticking his tongue out to the side
Patrick Dempsey Photo: Young Patrick :D
a man standing in front of a yellow car at night with his hands in his pockets
The 25 Best Photos Of Patrick Dempsey