The Art Of Animation, Demizu Posuka

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Yuko Shimizu

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People today use dinner time as an opportunity to check out of the world and use their phones, instead of talking to others.

Cover for the Unwritten Vol. 4: Leviathan by Yuko Shimizu

Сюрреализм от Vladimir Kush (230 работ)

Amazing Digital Illustrations by Sylar113

one of modern life's downsides is that you are always being watched. Pitch black background is powerful and adds to the fear, suspense, unknown. Gigantic hands with cameras reaching out for the small, frantic figure effectively communicate concept of being unable to escape surveillance. Highly minimal colour palette of cool hues draw eye to the angry bright red of the camera lens. Centre alignment of figures keeps composition balanced. Details such as gradient, shadows, shines give the image…

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