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a drawing of different types of animals in various poses and sizes, including cheetah
Sabertooth diaries 1: excavating old sketches
cheetah-anatomy-sketch-Smilodon hunting sequence sketch 1, Artist Sketchbooks , Study Resources for Art Students CAPI ::: Create Art Portfolio Ideas at, Art School Portfolio, Sketchbook, How to Draw Animals, Sketching, Animals, Cat, Cheetah
an aerial view of a large building in the city
Pedestrian Bridge in Shenzhen, China -
pedestrian bridge in Shenzhen, China
nine white paper sculptures are arranged on a wall
From today's final exhibition & review of my 2nd year students' #sciarc visual studies seminar on #drapery Here are a selection of final models. #architecturemodel @sciarcinside
an instagramr with the image of a man looking up at something on it
UK Pavillion / Thomas Heatherwick | AA13 – blog – Inspiration – Design – Architecture – Photographie – Art
the award winning Seed Cathedral created by Heatherwick Studio for the Shanghai Expo in 2010? I came across it recently and it blew my mind along with all of the other work from Thomas Heatherwick's Studio. For the Seed Cathedral they showed off thousands and thousands of seeds collected by the Royal Botanical Gardens in these stunning transparent acrylic rods that glowed and moved with the elements.
an architectural diagram shows the various sections of a building that are connected to each other
Agriculture 2.0 (Vertical Farming) by Edouard Cabay and Appareil - World of Architecture
Agriculture 2.0 (Vertical Farming) by Edouard Cabay and Appareil
a very tall building sitting in the middle of a city
Ramin Nasibov
Shanghai totony, Kína [Future Architecture:]
an abstract drawing with lines and shapes
Synesthesia pharmahuasca
Synesthesia pharmahuasca #GSAPP #architecture #art #withvideothistimearound
several different types of architecture are shown in black and white, including an open door
Monolith Illustrations by Fabrice Le Nezet
two different types of cat and dog skeletons on a white background, each with a skeleton in the shape of a human body
January 2009 – SheWalksSoftly
Canine and feline skeletal structures. Note the joints!
an image of some type of terrain that looks like it is made out of ice
Cataclysm, University of Bologna, natural disaster, natural phenomenon, geological factor, sustainable housing, Maribor, Slovenia, flexible structure, adaptable structure
two different views of a rock in a glass case
Dark Silence In Suburbia
Dark Silence In Suburbia
a large glass sculpture in the middle of a room with white walls and flooring
truneet: Ran Hwang - Secret Obsession, 2013
some very pretty clear glass vases on a table
Electroactive polymer - Wikipedia
Electroactive Polymers
people are sitting on the steps in front of a large structure that is lit up at night
YAP 2013: bam! Debuts ‘He’ at MAXXI
YAP 2013: bam! Debuts ‘He’ at MAXXI. He has made his debut in the MAXXI piazza…