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Tamponchantier : Aurélien Débat

grey-cement-wood | inside out. Let's get ecletic luxury and elegant kitchens using modern, vintage or traditional decor elements and modern furniture. See more home design ideas at: #interiors #contemporary

Grand Budapest Hotel alternate poster. Illustrated by Peter Strain.

Alternative Movie Poster for Lost in Translation by Peter Strain

Gold + silver + marble

Soba Choko - Tori to Ki (Bird & Wood)Produced by Azmaya Made in JapanSoba choko have been cherished by Japanese people since the Edo period and valued for their characteristic designs. These three soba choko from Azmaya give us a contemporary take on three classic Japanese patterns. Traditionally used as a container for holding the dipping sauce when eating soba noodles, these days Soba choko are just as often used as small cups for tea or desserts.

indigo dip // the Watermark Collection of gorgeous tiles

Japanese cafe. I love the table/seating. In my aunt's home we would sit around the table with our feet resting on heated pads that were on the floor under the table!