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23 Fun Hands-on Ways to Teach Multiplication - WeAreTeachers
Need some fun and quick multiplication practice? This set of 'equation search' games is a fun multiplication game for 3rd grade kids who need to focus on a specific set of facts. This FREE download includes practice pages for all facts from 2-12! Kids will love the challenge of finding all the facts in the puzzle. #mathfacts #multiplication #Mathgames #freeprintable #freeprintablemathworksheet
Make practicing multiplication facts FUN with this free printable multiplication checkers math game for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students. Multiplication Checkers Math Game This is so cool! We are always on the look out for fun ways for kids to practice math.  We’ve found a really fun multiplication game for kids! NO PREP needed …


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Math Running Records

math running records

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Free Fishbowl Multiplication lesson from the NEW Mastering Math Facts Multiplication and Division: Aligned with the Common Core
This is a rubric for a free third grade multiplication project. A letter home for parents is also included at this site.
Multiplication Mastery Madness! Multiplication Task Cards and I love how she fills out a "celebrity math quiz." The students have to grade it and tell why the student got it wrong.


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Dice Multiplication MATH Game for Kids - Free Printable!
3 Multiplication Games Your Students Will Love | All About 3rd Grade
Classroom Freebies: Easy Multiplication Games


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10 times table
classic school house rock
7 times table


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skip counting on the numberline
showing multiplication

number line

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Square Numbers.  I can use them in the CC classroom to teach squares, skip counting & area. EXCELLENT simple tool. I'll score the 1" squares on the backsides so I have one clean side & one specific (that way the kids can measure the clean sides without "hints" to their size).

square numbers

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distributive property
Math Coach's Corner: Demystifying the Distributive Property
Math Coach's Corner Demystifying the Distributive Property

area model

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Math | shiningthelightinthirdgrade
Multiple and Factors
Math Fact Flip Book


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Multiplicative Comparison
Here's a table to practice multiplication facts from 0-12.
Teacher Tipster (Multiplication Stick Trick). It's stick multiplication.


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This contract can be used to give students extra practice with multiplication facts. There is a spot for teachers to write in which tables should b...
This is a great freebie! It includes a form for quick math fact tests, and includes the form above to communicate with parents. This is a good one to keep in your files!
Multiplication Punch Cards

Self Tracking/Monitoring

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Free resource:  4 posters that introduce arrays, rows, columns, and repeated addition sentences. Great for second grade math!
FREEBIE Multiplication and Division Key Word cards to cut up and sort. Also Key Word Posters for multiplication and division by Games 4 Learning


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Book about multiplication


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Multiply Using Visual Strategies | Math Anchor Page IEP Goal and Objectives - Goalbook Toolkit
10 Multiplication Math Center Games & Activities
Distributive Property Homework


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Scaffolded Math and Science: Multiplication Flash Cards with Strategies
Make practicing multiplication fun with these engaging partner games! Use them for free time, homework, fast or early finishers, centers or stations. Great printables for your 3rd, 4th grade, or home school students. Your class will enjoy mastering the basic multiplication facts with these activities. {third, fourth graders, freebie}
FREE Multiplication and Division Games- Engage your students with four fun, standards-based games reinforcing whole number multiplication and whole number division. This free resource pack includes three dice games and one file folder game. Skills include multiplying large numbers, dividing large numbers, and interpreting remainders. This pack also includes a board game emphasizing multiple whole number operations. #RouttyMath #MultiplicationandDivision #MathGames  #EngagingMathActivities

Abstract Activities

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Math anchor chart
Teaching Multiplication

anchor chart

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Unifix Cubes
Multiplication Sticks
Five hands-on ways to teach multiplication. Fun way to work on the foundational skills of multiplication.

Concrete Activities

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Math Coach's Corner: 6 x 5 and 5 x 6 are NOT the Same!  Blog post about the meaning of the multiplication symbol.  Includes a freebie!
Associative Property Anchor Chart
Learning with Legos - Multiplication x4 ***BONUS INCLUDED*** Skip Counting Independent Practice: Common Core - 3.OA.1, 3.OA.5, 3.OA.7. (Legos not included) GREAT for Small Group or RTI. Includes: EQ Poster, Standards Poster, Important Reminders, 12 Lego Multiplication Task Cards for x3, facts, 12 Lego Brick Cards for x3 facts, 3 Activity Direction Pages - Independent and Partner, Student Recording Sheet, Answer Key. GREAT for MATH STATIONS!!!


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Multiplication Games ~ Learn Times Tables While You Move | Creekside Learning
Math workstation on multiplying multiples of 10 for next year
teaching to see in terms of groups

Pictorial Activities

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a screenshot of a computer screen with numbers and symbols on it, including the times table
Multiplication Chart
Multiplication Chart
Equal Group and Array Flashcards
Use visual flashcards to help students access multiplication concepts. Check out more ideas at
Partial Arrays
Partial arrays are a must teach!
a poster with numbers and fractions on it, including two different types of the same number
Multiplication Strategies
Multiplication Strategies | Welcome to Kilbarchan Primary School
a diagram showing the progression of multiple numbers in addition and subtracting with fraction
multiplication progression - Google Search
several pieces of colored paper with magnets attached to them
Fluency Rings #shorts
Fluency Rings #shorts
an image of different shapes and sizes in the shape of circles, squares, and rectangles
Moltiplicazioni con gli schieramenti worksheet
four squares with numbers on them to show the same number and place value for each one
an orange and white poster with numbers on the bottom, two bottles in each one
Puzzles make kids think!
several pieces of paper with numbers on them sitting on top of a wooden table next to a box
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