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an animal cell is shown in this image
Facts about Amoeba, structure, behavior and reproduction
Facts about Amoeba - Rs' Science
an illustrated map of africa with animals and people
Mapas para conocer África de otra manera (I)
four posters with different types of polygonics and their corresponding numbers are on the wall
Recreate using Anchor Chart Planograms by Amy Groesbeck
an image of shapes that are in the shape of stars and octagons with words
Updated Shape Helper
2D shapes.
a dinosaur and an egg in the grass with words that read, awesome dinosaur av and au word sort
Corrected Awesome Dinosaur Aw and Au Sort..and Alexander Graham Bell??
au/aw diphthong word sort
cookies with words that spell out the word draw
Activites for the /au/ and /aw/ sound
First Grade Shenanigans: Activites for the /au/ and /aw/ sound
a printable worksheet for counting the numbers from 1 to 10, which includes four
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three green paper cut outs with words that say it is equal to two crocodiles
Alligator greater than, less than printables
free printables greater than less than 590x590 Less than, greater than math activity using toys!
four images of alligators and crocodile teeth
❺ Наша начальная школа ❺
a glass jar filled with marshmallows sitting on top of a table
Instead of popsicle or paint sticks, I use a student lottery! I write each of my student’s names on a ping pong ball and house them in a fish bowl. I use these when I need to choose a student randomly, for accountability answers, creating random partners, etc. Since it’s called a lottery, I’ve found that the kiddos get excited when they hear the ping pong balls being moved around because they “win” the opportunity to share out or partner with someone new! It’s all about mindset, right? This cert
a young boy pointing to a number line math board - School Supplies and Teacher Store - Educational Materials for Preschools, Elementary Classrooms & More