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제12회 부산불꽃축제 / The 12th Busan Fireworks Festival

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Doomenfels, Wavering Hands by Felix Pfäffli

[문화공간 숨도] 연극 ‘야금모행夜禁冒行 -통행이 금지된 밤에 몰래 다니다’

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Felix Pfaeffli

I’m very impressed with these posters from Felix Pfaeffli, an accomplished young designer from Luzern who is producing very polished and mature work for his age. In addition to running his own studio he is a teacher at the Lucerne School of Graphic Design where he lectures on typography, narrative design, and poster design.

Poster, Typography, Random, poster designed by Felix Pfäffli (2010), 3D type