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Art:Water is absorbed by root hairs and passes through several layers to the xylem. It them moves upward to the stems and leaves, where it e...

Photosynthesis, Cell Process & Energy: Life Science Interactive Notebook

Life Science Interactive Notebook: Photosynthesis,Cell Process & Energy by Nitty Gritty Science Photosynthesis interactive model with cut-outs of stomata, chloroplasts and movement of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Maria Jose Calasanz on

Using gummy bears to teach genetics! This would be much faster than growing Mendel's sweet peas! Not to mention, super cute and fun! Will have to bookmark this so I can use it when we cover dominant and recessive genes!

transpiration The loss of water from a plant by evaporation is known as transpiration.Most of the water is lost through the surface openings, or stomata, on the leaves. The evaporation produces what is known as the transpiration stream, a tension that draws water up from the roots through the xylem, or water-carrying vessels, in the stem.

Human body vest.pdf - Google Drive

This HANDS ON and INTERACTIVE science activity helps clear up misconceptions about how the EARTH and MOON orbit the SUN.

Orange Buoyancy Science Experiment

Make an orange sink and float! I love that this activity uses just a couple common household ingredients.

Blood and Guts – Lapbook, Lesson 4

HUGE Homeschool Lapbook for those studying #Science Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology - links to hands on activities and other resources as well.

Human Body: Nervous System with brain and spinal cord activities. Make a map of the brain, or a neuron. Links to file folder games on brain and neuron as well.