DIY Launch by Nicci Martin, via Behance

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A study on Hispanic Americans, 2012. || Design by Kingdom Industry ||

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Gallery: 25 Powerful Ads With Serious Messages | From up North

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Bunpei Yorifuji – Wonderful Life With the Elements: An Illustrated Book About Chemistry

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10 things you didn't know about Guinness

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Infographics for article about self tracking designed by Mickey Burton. Art Director: Daniela Sanziani

'50분 일하고 10분 스트레칭' 사무직 노동자를 위한 스트레칭에 관한 인포그래픽

Typical Android User is Anything But Typical

"Wasted?" infographic - facts on recycling and waste by jake fyfe, via Behance

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[Infographic] 뱃살을 빼기 위한 요일별 운동법에 관한 인포그래픽

[Infographic] 뱃살을 빼기 위한 요일별 운동법에 관한 인포그래픽

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