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a black cat sitting on top of a blue object in front of a pink background
a dandelion in the center of a pink background
CNN — Pink
CNN — Pink on Behance
a swan is floating in the water with trees and snow around it, under a full moon
the movie poster for ghost is shown in black and white, with light coming from behind it
an abstract black and white photo with light coming from the ceiling in front of it
The place in between
a heart shaped object with candles on it
Flowers & Plants
a blue background with yellow and white flowers in vases on the bottom right side
Summer Hobbies
Summer Hobbies on Behance
an orange and black coffee pot next to a blue bowl on top of a yellow background
静物 | still life | nature Morte
three cups stacked on top of each other, one red and one blue in the middle
Giacomo Bagnara - Illustrator and Artist
a table topped with lots of cakes and desserts next to a bottle of wine
Food collection illutration
Chesse Party
an illustration of a dessert with strawberries and whipped cream