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Arch2o-Hong Kong ‘GIFT’ Ideas Competititon Winners Announced (17)

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명지대학교 건축대학 [5학년 Portfolio]2013년도 졸업작품전시회 수상작

Arch2o-Hong Kong ‘GIFT’ Ideas Competititon Winners Announced (21)

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Cuộc thi Thiết kế Công nghệ Kiến trúc BIM lần thứ 2 năm 2015

Panel Layout + Rendered images

Winners of the SC2012 Links: Bridging Rivers Competition

Second Place - Seville: Airat Khusnutdinov, Zhang Liheng (Russia)

Paneles de Arquitectura [Armado de láminas]

Good concept Board. Very visual and much rendering.

“’En’ Phasing” by Lu Chih-hao, Vivian Lee, and Tien Wen Jack Wu - “The idea is to extend the mountains and its nature from the south of the site and continue into the green belt of Science Park development. The architecture acts as a threshold between the nature and the Science Park precinct.” >>>