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a person using a grater to cut dough
Stainless Steel Lattice Dough Cutter, Dough Lattice Roller Cutter with Wood Handle, Cookie Pie Pizza Bread Pastry Crust Roller Cutter, Household Time-Saver Baking Pastry Tools for Pie Pizza Biscuits
three coffee mugs sitting on top of a wooden table next to another cup and saucer
Prove your humanity
the purple cups and saucers are sitting on the table next to each other with flowers painted on them
three white bowls with holes on them next to a potted succulent plant
Pottery Berry Bowl
an assortment of old fashioned kitchen utensils are displayed on a white sheet with green accents
a coffee mug with a quote on it
DEMDACO Dear You Mug - Dream White
a glass filled with water and ice sitting on top of a wooden stand next to a white wall
Oregon Glass Drink Dispenser with Brooks Wood Stand
a wooden plate with some plants on it and nuts scattered around the plates, along with other items
Set a Stunning Fall Table: Market Monday