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Rotary Tool Multipurpose Workstation
Unleash the magic of art and light with the Illuminate Canvas: LED Art Frame Lamp
Panta Rei Light Cube
by Luis H. Vicencio, Fabrizio Guarrasi & Mattia Antonetti . The small lamp is a well-executed design concept that explores light and depth. Built with a circular or square frame, it features small rows of LED lights that activate and deactivate in a rhythmic movement to create a “morphological, linguistic and aesthetic” lighting effect throughout. . #design #designer #productdesign #industrialdesign #homedecor #designinspiration #light #lamp
two pictures side by side one has a toilet and the other has windows in it
Bath/Toilet Design
two men standing in front of a large metal pot with laptops on top of it
Forbidden Soup
a mirror with some food in it on the floor
Robert Smithson, Mirror and Crushed Shells
Robert Smithson: Mirror and Crushed Shells
A Kinetic Wall Sculpture by Felipe Pantone Spins in a Hypnotic Reel of Endless Color
three clocks with numbers on them are shown in black and white
design miami basel 2012 humans since 1982 for victor hunt gallery
clock orchestra by humans since 1982 //// Awesome
three different views of an open box and the bottom one has a small gold object in it
three different views of a pen on top of a piece of paper that has been folded
한 일본 디자이너가 유명한 로고들을 유용한 물건으로 만들었다
한 일본 디자이너가 유명한 로고들을 유용한 물건으로 만들었다