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Major features of 2000~7000 words I've written, mostly on Korean society and culture.
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Here's a exclusive scene report from South Korea, written by Dave Hazzan with photos by Jon Dunbar... UPDATE: Bonus photos added to the end of this a

It's in the Classroom, it's in the Media, it's Painful and it's Widespread. How Did it Get Here, and Can it be Stopped?

How Korea’s expat hub rose from seedy slum to elite escape

A Survey Calls Koreans Anti-Semitic. Jews Living There Tell a Different Story.

Despite city hall’s last-minute decision not to sponsor Seoul’s 2014 Queer Culture Festival...

Substandard housing, harsh working conditions and pay disputes: migrant workers fighting for their rights

Illustration by Hanna Barczyk

Apocalypse Ilsan | Modern Drunkard Magazine

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