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people are sitting on a bench under a light sculpture in the middle of a plaza
Architecture on Share Sunday
Here are some of our favourite photographs of the Solar Tree in St John’s Square during Clerkenwell Design Week. Also, click here to see an interview with Ross on Bloomberg television about the Solar Tree and its future within our cities.
the walkway is lined with trees and illuminated by light from several lights on each side
Urban Landscape Photography Beautiful and Easy To Do » Anvil Magazine
landscape lighting design, installation instructions, how-to guides, maintenance tips & project ideas
trees with white lights are lined up along the sidewalk
13 Best Landscape Lighting Design Ideas That Make Outdoor Space Pop - Landscape Ideas Tips
Landscape Lighting Design Ideas You Will Love
people are sitting on benches in the middle of a city square with yellow painted markings
Green House: A Modern Architecture in the Pristine Natural Landscape
two pictures of people sitting on benches in the middle of an open air area, one with
A Multi-Sensorial Urban Garden Has Sprouted Up In Italy
This urban garden, named Zighizaghi, is a multi-sensory garden made of two levels, a horizontal level, the hexagonal floor and seating area, and a vertical level, the lighting and sound systems. There's also numerous plants included in the design, like lemon trees and lavender.
an artistic bench with grass growing out of it
Dogs Love Never Lie- Limited Edition
an outdoor walkway made out of concrete with blue and green designs on the sides, along with wrought iron fencing
CTi Custom Acrylistain System
Contact us at (800)447-6573 to find a CTi dealer in your area or if you are interested in becoming a CTi dealer!
an image of a stone walkway with leaves on it
Community wall photos
the steps are made out of concrete and have been placed in different directions to make them look like hexagonal tiles
PAM - trap en helling
two people are standing on the sidewalk near benches and trees, with one person taking a photo
several white benches sitting on top of grass covered ground
RIGA #Outdoor floor tiles by FAVARO1 Idea para patio isa #landscapearchitecture
several people walking down a path made out of squares and grass in the shape of rectangles
Gallery of The Garden / Eike Becker Architekten - 5
an outdoor area with grass and benches
55 Inspiring Pathway Ideas For A Beautiful Home Garden
The garden pathway is a must-have not only because it enriches the landscape and make the décor more beautiful but also for practical reasons. At its origin, the pathway was merely a means of traversing the garden without getting dirt on the shoes and without damaging the grass but it later became an important part of the landscape and designers have come up with all sorts of interesting ideas for how to make it stand out.