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an architectural drawing of a building with trees and people walking around it in the background
some drawings are shown in black and white
​How Architecture Is Born: 8 Pencil Sketches by Tom Kundig and the Buildings They Inspired - Architizer Journal
a drawing of people walking up and down stairs in a building with multiple levels that are connected to each other
concept SKETCH: Photo
some sketches of people walking in the distance and one person standing on the other side
" Less is more " Mies van der Rohe | Architecture concept drawings, Architecture design sketch, Concept architecture
an architectural drawing of a building with people walking around in the front and on the side
2004 Guggenheim Museum
black and white drawing of stairs leading up to the sky
Gallery of Pratt Institute, Higgins Hall Insertion / Steven Holl Architects - 33
four different views of the inside of a building
Wenhao Sun
a drawing of a person standing in front of a window with the letter e on it
V&A Exhibition Road - Jamie Fobert Architects
an image of some type of writing that is drawn by someone's hand and has been
this is an image of a drawing of a train station in the day time with no people
Daniel Mowery » Vicenza Drawing: Villa & Garden | Architecture design sketch, Architecture sketchbook, Architecture concept drawings
an architectural drawing of a room with shelves
Gallery of Campeche 415 / Ambrosi I Etchegaray - 19
an ink drawing of a bed with a person standing next to it on the floor
Gallery of A Selection of the Best Architecture Sketches: Alberto Campo Baeza - 30