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an open door with a handle on the front and side of it, next to a white wall
MIADOR AluLigna Vilmo detail
a close up view of the handle on a filing cabinet drawer with drawers in black and white
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Vipp厨房| 概念
a close up of a metal object on a white background with no people in it
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an image of a door handle with the word plana on it
(국외정보) #문고리 디자인입니다. 상단부의 깔끔한 단면처리가 포인트며, 문고리를 잡았을때 손바닥면이 상단의 넓은부분에 닿고, 곡면에는 손가락이 닿아 좋은 그립감을 줄것 같습니다.
a black door handle on a wooden door
Barn Door Pulls | Barn Door Handles and Pulls
Barn Door Handles | Rustica Hardware
an open door with a white handle on the left and right side, in front of a white background
Rimadesio Moon deur met onzichtbaar kozijn
Design glazen draaideur binnendeur op maat rimadesio moon 7
a person reaching for something on the counter top in front of a stovetop oven
38+ Handleless Cabinets Design Inspiration - The Architects Diary
38+ Handleless Cabinets Design Inspiration - The Architects Diary
a woman is opening the door to a kitchen counter with a plant on top of it
black line kitchen | Cool elegance meets natural beauty | TEAM 7
Solid wood kitchen black line with TEAM 7 handle profile
an electronic device is mounted to the side of a black wall with two round knobs
Infinite Line – Minimalissimo - Minimalism in Design
the faucet is attached to the sink with two handles and nozzles
Bathroom faucets by Mariner - Dream faucet range: "to change the expression of the bathroom"
a stainless steel wall mounted light on a white wall
Stoßgriffe / Griffplatten mir exklusiver Optik