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an image of the back and chest muscles in different positions, with red lines on each side
the back view of a man with his hands on his head and shoulders showing different areas
the muscles are shown in three different positions, including one man's back and shoulder
順平🐻ᴊᴜɴᴘᴇɪ on Twitter
由 봉춘식ꈍꈊꈍ (@bongchoonsik) | Twitter 提供的媒体推文
four different views of the back and chest muscles
an image of a human body with muscles labeled in english and chinese characters on it
an image of a human figure that is in the process of being drawn by someone
an image of the back and side view of a woman's body in various positions
an image of the human body with text that reads, how to draw female bodies
an image of the inner and outer workingss of a human body, with muscles highlighted
Head Shoulders
some sketches of different types of head and neck shapes, including the upper half of an animal's head
three different views of an arm and torso