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Koi with Chrysanthemum Art Print

Celadon Porcelain Jar with Inlaid White Chrysanthemums - Antique Alive

Chrysanthemum Bowl (Second)

Chrysanthemum Bowl Second by MSPottery on Etsy

Puzzle Serving Tray Newton Vineyards commissioned Materious for the design of this unique, limited-edition serving tray. Called The Puzzle Tray it is made entirely of FSC-certified Walnut and its distinctive design relates directly to the story of the renowned St. Helena, California vineyard and the fine wines they produce.

Corium Brick Cladding System is made up of genuine brick tiles that clip into the system's galvanized steel tray sections.

British furniture maker Ian Spencer and industrial designer Cairn Young form the Yard Sale Project to create unique one off furniture. Roccapina One is one of their first.

Nice use of raw materials :) XXL - L'autre Atelier

Wood Furniture Blending Traditional Storage Cabinet Design with Wood Stack Look

Now that's just cool ! japanese stackable "tree" drawers from chigo by landscape products co.