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a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window filled with plants and lit candles
Boho Elegance: 50 Enchanting Bedroom Sanctuaries for Modern Nomads
Enchant your senses with 50 boho bedroom sanctuaries, where modern nomad lifestyle meets the elegance of free-spirited design, making every night a journey in 2024.
a bedroom decorated in purple and blue with lots of lights
amazing whimsical gothic bedroom ideas
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spa in attic
diy library
a drawing of a gazebo surrounded by flowers and plants with the words yoga garden written on it
Tranquil yoga garden
an ornate wooden door with flowers painted on it
Inspiration for Stencils, Stenciling, Patterns and DIY Home Decor
an empty room with white walls and wood ceilinging in the process of remodeling
Faux Wide Board Ceiling
Faux Wide Board Ceiling
the bookshelf is filled with lots of books and plants in front of it
Musing of a witchy writer: Photo
a room with a ceiling that has some lights on it
crown molding
Indirect lighting (or rope lighting) installed in a bedroom. Install a dimmer switch for varying accents and moods -- A really nice touch when installing crown molding.
Wall Mural Video Tutorial
I painted my own wall paper! In this video tutorial, I’m going to take you step by step through the process of painting the mural on my office wall! My favorite tips and tricks for wall mural painting (and my mistakes too!) so that you can paint your own accent wall mural #wallmuralspainted #wallmuraldiy #wallpaper #painting