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two young men standing next to each other
Immagini Josh Klinghoffer - page 2
three people standing in the middle of a parking lot with cars parked on both sides
Josh Klinghoffer pictures
Josh Klinghoffer pictures
two people sitting next to each other with their hands on their chins and one holding his mouth open
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a man standing in front of a wall with buttons on it's sides and wearing a hat
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a man in a black shirt standing next to a white wall and looking at the camera
Josh Klinghoffer
a group of people sitting around a table eating food
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a man and woman are smiling for the camera while wearing beanies on their heads
Josh Klinghoffer (RHCP)
a man with a blindfold on his face standing in front of a white wall
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This image is full of some coooool stuff! His trousers are a whole shin's length too short, and his jacket is a bum's length too long (just about) - the "justoposition" in the sizes here work so well baggy on top of short. Josh has this skill in being geeky and awkward and makes it looks so right and comfortable - even sexy dare I say?! Anyway, I don't love him like I love John Frusciante or Datsik but I massively admire him he's just a goodden. Not to mention an incredible musician.