Christmas is coming

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there is a green, white and red strawberries ornament
Christmas is coming!
Adventures In Acetone Watermarble Christmas Tree!
Digit-al Dozen DOES Festiveness: Watermarble Christmas Tree! - Adventures In Acetone
Adventures In Acetone Watermarble Christmas Tree!
some cupcakes decorated like christmas trees on a plate with strawberries in the middle
So cute! Strawberry Christmas Trees
Christmas tree brownies with strawberries
three knitted christmas trees sitting on top of red cups with white snow in them
Christmas decorations tree
two red knitted dolls sitting next to each other on a wooden table with pine branches
Christmas decorations
two knitted teapots hanging from a christmas tree with pine cones in the background
Christmas decoration balls
a white christmas tree decorated with knitted ornaments
Christmas tree
a white ornament hanging from a twig
Warm hat