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도약 DOYAK(@doyak_00) 님 | 트위터

Daenggi is a long and narrow cloth for woman. This varies depending on shape, size and use,but usually,it refers to a hair cloth used for unmarried girl's hair in braid. Next I'll show other kinds ...

Fashion changes of Choseon-Dynasty hanbok per century. 개인적으론 15c, 19c가 제일 예쁜듯..

-Taken from Deviant Art- By Glimja (Soyeon Lee)

Daenggi 1 by Glimja on deviantART~Korean hair ribbon

Men's caps and hats in Chosun Age (drawing by twitter: @ spacewolfy_)

쪽진 머리 Jjok-jin-meori by Glimja on deviantART

조선시대 여성모자 Women's Headgear of the Joseon Dynasty

Norigae by on @deviantART - artist also has more sketches on traditional Korean styling

도약 DOYAK(@doyak_00) 님 | 트위터