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the words nature tea are written in black on a green background with trees and clouds
Nature Tea infographic
2013 / HD / 극장용 infomercial / 1'00" Client: LOTTE CHILSUNG BEVERAGE Ad agency: Daehong communications CD: Jae Cheol Kim Director: Jin Hee Kim (DO…
the words high tension ver are displayed in front of a blue and purple background
2019 스튜디오좋 쇼릴 (High Tension Ver.)
an animated video with the words show 805 on it
ShowReel 2018 | Longbin Li
a blue screen with the words reel on it
an animated video showing different types of ear and nose with the caption's
Correos - Nuevos Tiempos
an orange background with the words showreel in white letters and a small television screen
a black and white photo with the letters s, h, b, and person
Showreel 2018