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an image of some sort of architecture that is very interesting
2º puesto Concurso internacional Arquine
Centro Infografico Metropolitano. Proyecto que realicé junto con Juan Pablo Martinez y Edgar Mazo para el 9º concurso internacional Arquine (Mexico) "second Prize entry in the 9th annual Arquine competition for an Infographic Centre and related public spaces at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Tlatelolco, Mexico City. The winners were announced in the context of the 2007 Ciudad/City Conference occurring March 12th through to March 15th, in Mexico City, featuring invited guest speakers Kazuy...
two different views of a building with stairs and trees on the roof, along with an overhead walkway
Maqueta de puente peatonal Más
several different types of lines and shapes on a white background, each with an individual's own image
Design Team – Buro Happold - 10 DESIGN
four different views of the city at night, from top to bottom and in the foreground
Gateshead Millenium Bridge: WilksonEyre
WilksonEyre Architects, Gateshead Millenium Bridge, Winking Eye Bridge, Blinking Eye Bridge, cool movable bridge
an apartment building with ivy growing on it's side
B L O O D A N D C H A M P A G N E . C O M concrete architecture
a living room with couches, tables and stairs in front of a green wall
8 Living Walls and Vertical Gardens to Bring a Touch of Spring into Your Home
office design #bafco #bafcointeriors Visit for more interior inspirations.
some green plants hanging from the ceiling in an office building with black and white walls
טלוויזיה בתוך מראה? יש. פרקט שעליו מודפסת תמונה? יש.
곰팡이 타일, 녹색 벽. 단위 NIS (950) (사진 : 사이러스 홈 디자인)
the interior of a restaurant with wooden benches and plants on the wall
Monamour Natural Design
Monamour Natural Design in Casa Decor 2012 / Madrid - The Nature Collection / Vertical garden with preserved plants designed by Claudia Bonollo
four different views of the same building with trees and grass growing on it's sides
Is there a lovelier way to cover an overpass/parking structure? Just loving these vertical gardens.
an artistic rendering of a spirally building in the middle of a city at night
CHONGQING | Jiefangbei Book City | 300m | 984ft | 63 fl...
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an artist's rendering of two skyscrapers in the middle of a city at sunset
Architecture Buildings | Rosamaria G Frangini
a red piece of luggage with white lines on the top and bottom, in front of a white background
2008 Evolo Competition
2008 Evolo Competition by Jan Lim, via Behance
a black and white photo of a person standing in the middle of a room with stairs
nexttoparchitects — by @archdekk #next_top_architects Urban Landscape...
a pen sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a drawing of a building
Architecture - Daily Sketches on Instagram: “By @syahdaud #arch_more”