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Cheonae (처네) 'Cheonae' is the Veil for Keep Out the Cold. The Women of North-Western Area Usually Worn It. Because the Northern Area of Korean Peninsula is Awfully Cold in the Winter. 'Cheonae' is Very Similar to 'Podaegi (포대기)', Which is a Baby Blanket.

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Sokgot by Glimja on DeviantArt

A jangot (장옷) is a jacket-shaped veil used by women. According to the CHA, it "has a mulberry-paper lining between the inner and outer layers.... The inner and outer collars are wide, and no collar strip (dongjeong) was found.... The coat is fastened in the chest with ribbons.... [the] positions of the ribbon-ties... indicate that... the coat was actually worn rather than wrapped around the face like a hood." 16/17th century. Important Folklore Material 21-8

Joseon Dynasty (조선 왕조, 1392 ~ 1897)

The Basic Composition Of Hanbok by Glimja on DeviantArt

4[1]. 조선시대 여성 (너울).jpg

4[1]. 조선시대 여성 (장옷).jpg

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